Peter Cottontail Pre-School Day Care

Peter Cottontail Pre-School Day Care

Where Care Makes the Difference

About Us


Peter Cottontail is a place where young children learn as they play and share experiences with other children.  We foster the physical, social and intellectual development of the child by providing a variety of materials and experiences best suited for each child's needs.  We feel that we can best serve those needs by offering guidance, warmth and encouragement to the child as he or she grows.  

Our staff hopes to create a positive first school experience and help your children feel good about themselves and about school in general.

On Discipline

We support the child's behavior with positive guidance, setting clear cut limits which foster the child's ability to be self-disciplined.  We encourage each child to take responsibility for his or her own actions, to develop a positive self-image, and to recognize their full potential.  A time-out chair may be used to remove a child from a heated situation.  Corporal punishment is DEFINITELY NOT ALLOWED.

Daily Program

Fun of the day
Daycare is provided for preschool children in a semi-structured program, which allows for each child's needs and growth.  A balance of active play and rest; large and fine motor skill activities; free play and following directions; field trips and special interest units are offered . Children are encouraged to learn by exploring the environment and to take responsibility for their own actions.  We provide a warm, home-like setting with ample opportunity for self expression.

Our Staff

Our center is committed to providing the best and highest quality child care.  Our care givers meet all the educational requirements for state licensing and are warm, affectionate people who enjoy nurturing young children.  Each care giver is a professional that is trained to provide a positive environment with careful supervision and appropriate goals to help each child develop mentally, socially and emotionally.