Peter Cottontail Pre-School Day Care

Peter Cottontail Pre-School Day Care

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Field Trips

Our field trip schedule changes from year to year.  At the beginning of each school year we will provide you with a list of proposed field trips.  These trips are all based on weather permitting our travel and adequate chaperones.  We will not schedule a field trip, or otherwise transport your child, without your written permission.  We do take nature walks, discovery walks and the like on our own ten acre property.  This we do without written permission slips.

Also included in our program are visits from the Fire Department, Police Department, Easter Bunny, a magician, Santa Claus and others as special occasions arise.  We also plan special events for the children on all major holidays, trying our best to include as many diversified celebrations as possible.

Please feel free to offer any suggestions for our field trips.  We are always looking for new and exciting things to do with the children.

At Christmas time we usually plan a family day when the children do a presentation of things they have done in school.

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Each child is required to bring their own lunch box.  Please label their name clearly for easy identification; often times there are more than one of the same lunch box.  We have a refrigerator and microwave for storing and heating foods.  We do not have any means of preparing food for your child.  Please send only those foods which are already prepared that may need heating.

Should you have any special dietary restrictions or food allergy concerns, please notify us immediately.

As part of our daily curriculum, we discuss nutrition with the children.  We encourage them to taste new foods with taste testing parties.  The nutritious benefits of these new foods are explained as part of our on-going efforts to promote healthy eating habits.

When we have special events, parents are sometimes asked if they would like to bring in a goodie for our party.  Family favorites are always a welcome treat to share!


The goal of our program is to foster the growth of children through the teaching of independence, responsibility and the development of self-esteem.  Our educational program is directed toward the successful achievement of language arts and mathematics readiness skills necessary for success in kindergarten and grade one.  The total program includes, in addition to the previously listed skills, music appreciation, arts and crafts, painting, cutting, drawing, simple individual projects, outdoor play, game time, nature hikes, physical education and general everyday activities that help develop a well rounded child.

Our morning educational program is for all children at the center.  Three separate programs are provided and each is directed to meet the appropriate educational needs of each age group - the three, four and five year old groups.

Our summer program does not include regular school activities but is planned around different weekly themes and involves field trips, crafts, outdoor play and fun activities.