Peter Cottontail Pre-School Day Care

Peter Cottontail Pre-School Day Care

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Our Policies

Snow Days

We follow the direction of the Dover Public Schools.  If there is a two hour delay in the opening, then we will open two hours later.  If Dover cancels school, then we are closed for the day as well.

Pick up and drop off

Please maintain a 5-10 MPH speed limit when entering or exiting the school driveway.  At any given time there may be children in the parking lot.  All engines must be shut off and keys removed from your vehicle, as per our insurance rules.

Registering parents will be the expected person(s) to pick up your child from the center.  If the designated parent is not going to be the one picking up the child, ON ANY OCCASION, you are required to notify the staff in person.  The assigned person who is picking up the child will be required to be added to the authorization pick-up form and will be required to present to us a PICTURE ID.  If, on a rare occasion, this is not possible and you find it necessary to call us, a staff member will return the call to verify the given statement.


Please Note: If you have any special legal orders regarding who may or may not pick up the child, the State requires that we have a copy of the order on file in our center.  We cannot honor any special orders without them being in our file.

Medications and Illness

In order to dispense any medication, a state form must be filled out and signed by the parent or guardian for the child.  The required state forms are here at the center.  Please be sure to fill one out for ANY prescription or over the counter medication before you leave.  All medications MUST BE in the ORIGINAL container.

State law requires that children with a temperature, vomiting or diarrhea be removed from the center immediately.  A staff member will call you when your child needs to be taken home.  It may be helpful to have a sick child care plan ready for when your child needs it.  It is state law that a child be fever, vomit or diarrhea free for twenty four hours before they can return to the child care center.  For example - if your child is sent home on Monday ill he or she may not return BEFORE Wednesday.  It is very important to the health and welfare of the other children in the center for all parents to abide by this rule.

Each child must have a completed medical information sheet on file, which is to be updated annually.  In cases where a child's physical form, or update, have not been received, your child will not be able to attend until the appropriate forms are completed and returned.

Clothing and Supplies

Getting ready to go outside

Children will be going outdoors every day, except in extreme weather conditions.  All children must have the following items of clothing at school at all times.

Cold Weather Months:
  1. Mittens or gloves
  2. Warm boots for outdoor wear in the snow
  3. A hat
  4. A complete change of clothing
  5. Extra socks
  6. Snow pants or ski suit
  7. Slippers
  8. Extra underwear

Warm Weather Months:
  1. Extra set of clothing
  2. Sun screen
  3. Insect repellent
  4. Sun glasses (optional)
  5. A hat (optional)
Please label your child's clothing

It is difficult for a child to have to stay indoors while their friends are outdoors playing, due to improper dress.  Please help us insure that your child will not be in this situation.

Children are allowed to bring in a treasure from home to share with their friends at school.  We take reasonable measures to keep track of these items, but occasionally things do get misplaced or broken.  Therefore, we urge you not to send in anything that is irreplaceable.